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Just deposit.  Harvest is Whole Beef $3.40 / lb. Hanging Weight


Enough beef for a family of 8 or people who love to throw a lot of BBQ's - for a year


Creek Bed Farm offers handpicked Holstein cattle that are provided a safe home, clean water, fresh grass hay, soybeans and corn that we raise ourselves.  We also grain-finish our steers which creates well-marbled, tender, and flavorful beef.  The result is sweet, buttery tasting beef that customers enjoy. 


Our cattle are:

  • not given any animal by-products
  • fed a purely vegetarian diet
  • free of growth hormone implants or sub-therapeutic antibiotics
  • minimally processed
  • free of additives, preservatives, tenderizers, red dyes or shelf-life extenders
  • dry-aged

All Natural Premium Whole Beef Reservation Fee

  • You may split your order among other parties.  To get the whole steer price, we will accept payment from one party only - that person is responsible for collecting the other payments (for the other half or quarters).  Each party may fill out their own cutting instructions.

  • Once the reservation fee is paid, there are no refunds.  If you cancel your order, we keep the deposit.  Once we invoice you for the hanging weight of the steer, we will deduct the reservation fee.

    If you order a whole steer and decide later that you'd only like a half or quarter - you are responsible for finding another party to fill out the remainder of the order.

Daily U-Pick Updates
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