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A Top Ten List of Farmer Darrell's Favorite Things!

Updated: Jul 3

We have a lot of work to get done here at the Farmacy, so any time we find an affordable tool that makes the job quicker & easier --- you can bet we get it! Here's the list of small gadgets we love:

  1. Chef'n Hand-Held Slicer Strawberry Slicer This handy gadget makes quick work of slicing all those flats of strawberries. We sell these at our Berry Barn during strawberry season and so many folks (especially those with issues with arthritis) swear by this slicer. It has stainless steal blades that cut uniform slices. Eats easy to clean with your kitchen faucet sprayer and is top rack dishwasher safe. You may also cut mushrooms, eggs, etc. Use it to make your next charcuterie board!

  2. Rechargable Headlamp When the frost alarm for the strawberry fields go off at Midnight, we grab these rechargable headlamps. They are bright and turn on with the wave of your hand, even if you're wearing gloves. When you're up in the middle of a strawberry field on a cold, icy night trying to unplug sprinkler nozzles so you can frost protect your strawberry blooms - this is what you need. (I'm sure other people can find other ways to use it - ha ha).

  3. Grandpa's Weeder When you get to a certain age, once you get down on your hands and knees - it's not as easy to get back up. Especially if you have 1800' rows of strawberries to weed. This weeder works really well. You place it over your weed of choice, step down on it and hold the stick to the side to press the foot lever down - this squeezes the plant in the pinchers. Lift up and move on to the next weed.

  4. A Good Multitool There is no farmer that would not like one of these in their Christmas Stocking.

  5. Hearing Protection Headphones Hearing protection is so important on the farm. We spend a lot of time mowing grass or working on an open tractor. These headphones are great. You can listen to the radio or connect them to your phone via bluetooth!

  6. J.R. Watkins Petro Carbo First Aid Salve For cuts, scrapes or bug bites - this is a must have.

  7. BLAZIN' THAW Defrosting Tray for Frozen Meat We've all been there. You forgot to get your Creek Bed Farmacy steaks out of the freezer. This mat cuts defrosting time almost in half!

  8. Jobsite Boot Scrubber Everyone living in Wisconsin needs one of these outside their door.

  9. Canned Jar Opener We keep one of these on the fridge (it has a built in magnet). They are so nice to open all the jar lids off things like Creek Bed Farmacy Strawberry jam.

  10. Pumice Cleaning Block These things work! We use these to clean our ovens & grills at the Farmacy concession stand. They get things clean without the use of strong chemicals. Just add water.

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